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Veriily is THE jobs app for the on-the-go jobseeker.

Applicant Tracking System

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Veriily Jobs

We focus heavily on blue-collar, retail, service, and other hourly work – the essential jobs. Our platform is so simple, it’s as easy as online dating; unlike online dating, you know where you stand at each step of the process. You can find jobs in and around your local communities just by walking in proximity to places of business that are hiring thanks to geo-location, one-tap apply, and immediate push notifications of openings nearby.
With a pandemic that has turned the economy upside down and record levels of unemployment, the Veriily team understands what it means to put everything on the line and sacrifice. With a part of our team being
military veterans, we put service above self and continue that legacy of service by providing access to needed employment in the communities where our users live. Less time on the job search means more time
at home where it matters – with family.

Manage your
Hiring pipeline
with ease

At Veriily, we understand that employees are your most important resource. To bring value to those resources, we offer several levels of insight into the process and save you time and money thanks to robust and unique features enhanced by streamlined workflows not currently offered on other platforms.

Manage your campaigns

Advertise your campaigns in any market at any time. Set your company apart from the competition with tags that highlight social factors such as veteran- or minority-owned business as well as benefits that are offered such as healthcare, 401k, etc.

Streamline your hiring workflow

Manage your pipeline of job candidates through our comprehensive dashboard, track your store/site locations, create and view your active job campaigns at a glance, and view how many locations currently have applicants in the pipeline. All of this included with graphical visualizations to offer you a complete view of where applicants are throughout the process –
from beginning to end.

Communicate with your applicants

Assign permissions to managers involved in the hiring process at all levels, whether at corporate for enterprise clients or at the store level for small and medium-sized businesses. Control which staff can create, view, and modify campaigns, locations, and other items on the platform to implement a streamlined approach to employee management – in turn ensuring better outcomes in applicant management and hiring.

Campaign posts

Capture the attention of job seekers no matter the market you’re in. Bottom line up front – job seekers have everything they need to know about a job and nothing about what they don’t. Tags in the campaign post help the job seekers when searching to reduce the amount of time they would otherwise spend.

Veriily app

No matter where in the app you look, Veriily looks sharp and sleek – it’s mobile. Not only is the user interface designed well, but the user experience is just as important and was created keeping the same priorities in mind.

Proximity Search

Apply to jobs from GPS-based notifications while on the go during your daily routine or from the comfort of your home. Sometimes, the jobs find you instead.

Trending Jobs

Veriily identifies trending jobs in your area based on data across the app, giving you additional insight into jobs you might not otherwise have been thinking about – access to more jobs equals more employment opportunities at your fingertips.

Instant Notifications

Receive notifications for timely updates regarding your application status, providing complete transparency throughout the entire application process.

One Click Apply

As fast as online dating. Thanks to our simple and streamlined one-tap apply feature, you can easily and quickly apply to hundreds of jobs in your area, without filling out the same information multiple times across multiple sites – all in the few minutes it takes you to grab coffee in the morning.