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The job search just got easier

Veriily is a complete employment search for the on-the-go jobseeker.

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Veriily Jobs

Veriily is a complete employment search solution for the on-the-go job seeker. We focus heavily on blue-collar, retail, service, and other hourly jobs. Our platform is so simple, it’s as easy as online dating, but unlike online dating, you know at each step in the process where you stand. You can find jobs in and around your local communities just by walking around places of business that are hiring thanks to geo-location, one-tap apply, and immediate notifications of openings nearby.

Manage your
Hiring pipeline
with ease

At Veriily, we understand that employees are your most important resource. That’s why we offer several levels of insight and save you time and money thanks to robust and unique features enhanced by streamlined workflows not currently offered in the market.

Manage your campaigns

Advertise your campaigns in any market at any time. Capture your company culture with short video campaigns to attract talent you need. Set your company apart from the competition with badges that highlight social factors such as veteran or minority owned business.

Streamline your hiring workflow

Track your store/site locations, a pipeline of job candidates, activity feeds, high-level campaign budgeting, and a comprehensive action center. Zoom in and out based on your organizational structure and more detailed views.

Communicate with your applicants

Message between prospective and onboarded new hires; eliminate email; organize by applicant, position, and location; manage referrals, transfers, and recommendations from other companies and staff within your organization, even when reference checking within the network.

Campaign posts

No need to forget who you apply to. We log when, where, what, and who for you so you can revisit later if needed. No need to spend hours applying to countless jobs. Spend time where it matters most – with family, not dealing with the anxiety and stress of the job search.

Veriily app

Wherever you’ll look at it, Veriily will look sharp and sleek. Because it’s mobile & tablet ready.

Proximity Search

Apply to jobs from GPS-based notifications while on-the-go during your daily routine or the comfort of your own home.

Instant Notifications

Complete transparency in the application and hiring process, thanks to timely status updates and their corresponding notifications.

One Click Apply

As fast as online dating. Quick and streamlined one-tap apply to hundreds of jobs in your area, without filling out the same information multiple times.